Why AOM is Right for You

Focus on Teaching

All our teachers do is teach. They do not sell instruments or equipment. This leaves them free to concentrate on one thing: providing the highest quality of musical instruction.

University- and Professionally-Trained Teachers

Our instructors are highly qualified, and many have college music degrees. All of our teachers are professional musicians with extensive performance experience. Some are recording artists.

We Teach All Ages, Beginners to Advanced

Our students range from four years old to many who are in their 60's and 70's. We tailor our lessons to the type of music you are interested in.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered on all popular instruments and voice. Students can start private lessons as young as 4 years old. Students can start private lessons any time of the year or month, so there's no need to wait to get started. A variety of styles are taught such as pop, jazz, rock, and classical, depending on student's age and interest. Contact the school office to see which times and days are available.

Group Classes

We start new Group Classes in September and January, and 3 weeks in June and July.

For ages 4 to adult. We offer group guitar, keyboard, and singing for ages 5 and up, or Club Music for age 4. Group Classes consist of 4 or more students. If 4 students do not register, we will not cancel, but will turn it into a Buddy Class of 2-3 students (see Buddy Class pricing).

Buddy Classes

To make your own Buddy Class, find one or more friends who would like to learn or improve their skills on any instrument, like the guitar, keyboard, violin, or even singing. You then schedule a class where you and your friends will learn your instrument together.

Singing Class

Ages 5-13. This class teaches vocal basics in a fun group session. Students learn proper warm-up and breathing exercises, and an introduction to harmony. The class works on a wide range of musical styles, from contemporary Disney songs to Christmas classics and historical folk songs.

Lessons Year Round

We are open year round. We also offer Summer camps. Check out our Summer camp schedule for details.

Convenient Lesson Times

Because we offer many instruments at our locations, different family members can have lessons at the same time to avoid waiting or multiple trips. We offer daytime and after-school/work lessons. We are also at several private schools for daytime on-campus private lessons, buddy classes, and group classes. Call or email for days and times available in your area. (Day and time availability depend on teacher’s schedule).

Lessons on all Popular Instruments and Voice

We offer lessons for guitar (classical, acoustic, and electric), piano/keyboard, violin, viola, cello, ukulele, mandolin, harmonica, banjo, voice, and woodwinds and brass.


We offer one optional recital a year, in Spring. All students who participate in the Spring Recital recieve an award medal and certificate of completion for the year.