What is the Lesson Tuition?

The following prices are for our Harvest Family Church Campus.
At our HFC location, we follow the Conroe ISD Holiday calendar and offer a prorated tuition plan for Monday - Wednesday. Tuition is prorated over 10 months (Aug-May). If students start lessons after school starts, we count how many lessons are left for the year, add them up, and divide by the remaining months to determine the student’s tuition.

Private Lessons

Private 30 min

$42 per lesson (Prices are prorated for 10 mo. Aug-May)
Reg fee $85

Private 45 min

$64 per lesson (Prices are prorated for 10 mo. Aug-May)
Reg fee $85

Private 60 min

$84 per lesson (Prices are prorated for 10 mo. Aug-May)
Reg fee $85

Group classes (4 or more students per class)

Group and Buddy Class Registration Fee

$65 – includes 1 Recital in Spring.

Family or Friend Group Classes of 4 students or more can start any time.

Buddy Classes (2-3 Students in a Class)

Buddy Class Registration Fee

$65 – 1 Recital in Spring

Buddy Class Tuition 30-36 weeks

2 buddies each pay $86-105 a month.
3 buddies each pay $76-95 a month.

Price varies based on the number of students in the class, the start date, and the day of the week (how many lessons).

Family or Friend Buddy Classes of 2-3 students can start any time and follow the Conroe ISD or homeschool schedule.

What Private Schools do you offer lesson on Campus?

Currently we are on Campus at the following Schools: Covenant Christian School, Huntsville Classical Academy, Premier High School, and Sacred Heart Catholic School.

Each campus tuition varies year to year depending on the current School’s calendar (how many lessons there will be).

On Campus Tuition at Schools

Private Lessons are $44 per lesson (30 min).
Group and Buddy Classes are prices depending on that school's schedule.

We offer Private Lessons, Group Classes and Buddy Classes on most school campuses. Each Campus varies depending on the school.

What is the tuition for In Home Lessons and what do you offer?

Are prorated at $50 a lesson plus a $10-$15 weekly teacher travel fee prorated into the tuition. Currently we have teachers for piano, guitar, and violin in Conroe. Call our office for in home options, since we are adding new areas and instruments regularly.

What are my payment options?

We require automatic billing from either a checking account, credit card, or debit card. We accept Master Card and Visa. There is a $3 convenience fee per $100 tuition per month added to credit card and debit card tuition payments. There is no added fee for checking account payments. Students pay by the month on the 1st, 5th, 15th, or 20th of each month.

What is your cancellation policy?

For Private lessons, we ask for a 30 day notice in writing before the 1st of the previous month to discontinue lessons.

However, because Group Classes and Buddy classes are priced depending on how many students are in the class, they are a full term commitment and cannot be dropped.